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I must be the luckiest man on the planet to have had Vic O’Connor as my partner. Vic was not just my partner and my best friend; I loved him like a brother. Partnership with Vic was effortless. He was smart, funny, caring, fair and supportive. More than anyone else, we – our firm, our culture, who we are – are Vic’s creation. In our 15 years as partners we never, not once, had cross words. But I can’t think of how many times we laughed so hard the tears just streamed down our faces. As a lawyer, he was truly gifted. A lot of lawyers are smart, knowledgeable and are able to analyse problems and develop effective solutions. Vic was among the best at these things, but his special talent was what he called “reading the matrix” (from the movie by that name). He had the ability to understand complex human dynamics and what people wanted and needed, how they would react and how to approach things in a way that would work. And it worked. He made things happen like nobody else I know. He managed people, including me, with so much insight, kindness and respect, that they never even knew they were being “managed”. I am so grateful to have had him in my life.
– Jonathan McCullough, Partner – MOI
To me Vic was a colleague, a mentor, a role model and above all a great friend. He was one of the most accomplished lawyers I have ever had the privilege of working with. His approach to work and life was unfailingly positive, even in the face of great adversity and his upbeat nature and zest for life made every day at MOI a pleasure. His passing is going to leave a gaping hole in all of our lives and I am going to miss him a great deal.
– James Beeby, Partner – MOI
Vic was a great friend and a great mentor. Clients have told me that they were always reassured to know that Vic was in their corner. I liked having Vic in my corner as well. He also showed me that even though you may work hard and play hard you can still be a good father and husband. I will miss him dearly, but I am thankful to have been his friend.
– David Gunasekera, Partner – MOI
For the last five and a half years, it has been both my honour and my privilege to work with Vic and his colleagues at MOI. I was recruited by Vic personally, as were most of the lawyers and staff here. That in itself is a testament to the hugely significant impact he has had on the growth and development of the firm, and of everyone who works here.

From “Day One”, Vic went out of his way to make sure I was welcomed, well taken care of, and, of course, busy. He led by example, ensuring that we all shared his vision of becoming the pre-eminent boutique securities law firm, not just in British Columbia, but in all of Canada.

And even though I thought I knew everything there was to know about the practice of law, Vic quickly dissuaded me of that notion; his was the practice style I wanted to emulate. More importantly, he quickly became a friend as well as a work colleague. Someone who happily traded notes on everything from the latest great bottle of wine that he had enjoyed the night before, to the quirks of the best players on his kid’s soccer team. That, more than anything, is what will be missed.

– Kevin Hisko, Partner – MOI
There are so many things that I would like to say about Vic and yet at the same time, there aren’t any words. The things that stand out the most in my mind when I think about Vic is his impeccable taste in clothes, food and wine and his loyalty and caring for the people around him. As a boss, I knew that Vic would always support me and when needed, go to bat for me. As a colleague, he was the person I could go to talk about concerns and bounce ideas off of. But more importantly, as a friend, I could always count on Vic to make me laugh. And who hasn’t had the pleasure of going to lunch or dinner with Vic and feeling a bit like a third wheel because he knew the maitre de, server and sommelier by first name, all of which brought home how clearly that those individuals thought the most of him. I can’t say enough about what he’s meant to me as a mentor. Maybe it’s not that there aren’t any words but that there are so many words, none of which seem to do justice to the man he was and how sorely I will miss him in my life.
– Lesley Hobden, Associate – MOI
It’s impossible to express here all the wonderful qualities of Vic, who everyone knows was “larger than life”. However, I will very fondly remember Vic’s geniality. He always took the time to personally greet everyone in the office everyday. I also cannot think of Vic without thinking of and appreciating his amazing sense of humour – anyone who knows him will agree he was very witty, very sharp and didn’t miss a trick. I remember his keen sense of style, his attention to detail and how he strove for excellence and perfection in every task he undertook and how he encouraged others to do the same. Besides being an extremely gifted lawyer, I know he was a true friend to many and a very devoted family man. He will be sadly missed, but never, ever forgotten. I will always be grateful for the warm family atmosphere he created for us here at MOI and the legacy he leaves behind.
– Sandy Thompson, Legal Assistant – MOI

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